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This is the webpage for the Babylon Mystery Orchestra CD The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy of Satanic Christianity.

Listen to some of it on the Music page. Those who dare to listen will never view their world the same again.

Welcome to the home of BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA


"Ecclesiastical establishments tend to great ignorance and corruption, all of which facilitate the execution of mischievous projects." -James Madison, 1774

The Great Apostasy:

A Conspiracy of Satanic Christianity

Perhaps there is no greater fear than that which comes when you suspect everything at the heart of your deepest-felt beliefs is a lie. Even worse is the revelation that an intelligent design was behind it from the very beginning, constructing an apparatus to deceive you thousands of years before you were born. It is upon this foundation that Babylon Mystery Orchestra has built its latest opus, The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy Of Satanic Christianity.

From the very beginning we see the church not as a sanctuary from evil, but a target for it! The very idea of what truly constitutes a church is poisoned from the very first day.

Track Listing

Holy Ghost
I, Lucifer
Prey for Me
One Way, One Truth, One Life
Church of State
Eye of the Needle
Wolf in the Fold
Who Mourns for Philadelphia?
King of the Earth
Antichrist Superczar

Are the churches in fact an apparatus of Satan himself?

>Our story begins with Jesus promising his apostles that a comforter will be sent to them after he is gone. ("Holy Ghost") Its arrival is a cause of great celebration, and even greater disturbance. ("Pentecost") But someone, or some "thing" is watching these events, and he is not amused. ("I, Lucifer") A plan is hatched not only to infiltrate this new thing called a "church" but also to dominate it. History proves it is a total success. ("Prey For Me") How is it there can be so many different versions of the same story? Why so many different interpretations, and a willingness to violently defend such diverse beliefs under the umbrella of "Christianity"? ("One Way, One Truth, One Life")

Yet here we are today where many beliefs in Christianity compete with many beliefs in other religions as well. What are the enlightened and educated to do? Why, worship themselves, of course. The man-made system of the state becomes the god of the godless. And many sacrifices it requires! ("Church Of State") If that is not enough of a distraction for the corrupted and compromised church, there are always the charlatans who find an audience willing to pay for their particular brand of religious piety. They even go so far as to embrace the most vile of abominations to become all-inclusive, or the most vile of hatreds to become all-exclusive. ("Eye Of The Needle") You shall know a tree by its fruits; so also shall you know a church. What horror does it speak that a church looks away or even enables the children of its flock to be tormented in the worst way? Enter the dominion of the pedophile priest. ("Wolf In The Fold")

Through all of these satanic attacks, could any church survive faithful and true? Could there still be a Philadelphia worthy of being kept from "the hour of temptation"? Is there, in fact, a church worthy of the rapture that so many churches are looking for? Or has Philadelphia... expired, fulfilling prophecy by not living through the end time harvest? ("Who Mourns For Philadelphia?")

Finally Satan claims that which is rightfully his: the Christian churches of the earth. Kingdom of God they claim to be, but that is not the master they serve! ("King Of The Earth") What is the reward for the church? Rapture? Heavenly reward? No. They will meet that which they fear the most and be tested, not as a "collective" but as individuals of either faith or lack thereof. Let the great persecution of all humanity begin, with special attention paid to the "Christian" problem. Church, meet the great beast of the tribulation. ("Antichrist Superczar")

In the end will the churches be the ones "Left Behind"?

If these are the "last days" as so many believe, this question must be confronted... and soon.

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