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The latest CD "POINIUM CHEREM" is now available.


Contains rampant, insensitive, and gravely offensive constitutionally protected language.


Check the Music page to hear "Devilution," a devoted creationist's satirical rebuke of evolution.

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"I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet they lay their hands on everything they can get." -Napoleon Bonaparte

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Latest Updates

JUNE 27, 2015: Since the release of the first Babylon Mystery Orchestra CD in 2002, the primary message carried through all six of the releases was that of a warning: identifying my understanding of the likelihood that The United States of America, was in all probability, the doomed Mystery Babylon The Great described and destroyed in Revelation's chapters 17 and 18. Yesterday, The United States of America proudly and defiantly placed herself above the word of God. Any doubts that I could have had have vanished. The riddle of the Queen who shall be no widow has been resolved. All that remains is to carry out the death sentence. The Divine Incineration is now counting down...if only we could see how much time it started with...

"How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow."

MAY 6, 2015: Lyrics and booklet text for POINIUM CHEREM are now available on the Lyrics page.

APRIL 29, 2015: All website pages have now been updated in design with broken links removed.

JANUARY 17, 2015: This website is in the process of being updated and revised. Over the next few weeks, look for added content and an updated look. Babylon Mystery Orchestra also has a new online merchandise store where you can purchase CDs, posters, and other items online with credit, debit, and PayPal.

JULY 26, 2012: The new CD, Poinium Cherem, is now available for purchase at CD Baby and Amazon. It is also available through this website. It should be coming online at all the major digital distributors as well.

JUNE 25, 2012: A track from POINIUM CHEREM is now uploaded. Check out "Devilution" on the music page. A devoted creationist's rebuke of evolution...Hocus Pocus Hokum!!

JUNE 5, 2012: The new CD is completed and is on its way to the production plant. It is called "POINIUM CHEREM."The Track Listing: 1. Chorale...What Should Not Be 2. Destroyer 3. The Affliction 4. Apollyon 5. I Am An Artist 6. Devilution 7. Another Path 8. Seething 9. A Prophet's Song 10. We Write The Words 11. Poinium Cherem 12. Finale...What Could Not Be

Expect it to be available for distribution in about a month. A song will be uploaded as soon as the mastering of the CD is completed.

SEPTEMBER 05, 2011: Work is progressing on the next BMO record. I am working on the eighth song. It is also the longest song in the entire BMO catalog. It is taking a lot of work. I still project an early 2013 release date. I have also had to deal with a sick cat. Anita Tail has not been well. She appears to have arthritis. Her health does have a direct affect on my ability to concentrate on BMO projects. There is a reason why she is credited in every BMO release. I am still on something of a hiatus from writing essays. I tire of writing so many on the politics of the current administration. What more can be said about our current predicament? I will get back to them though. You know I can't resist.

FEBRUARY 27, 2011: It has been awhile since I have updated this page but the website is often updated otherwise. I have added a new essay today: Benai Elohim. Work is continuing on the next CD albeit at a slower rate than I have previously worked. It is my intention to slow the output of BMO material. There are five completed songs and a sixth one is near completion. I expect the CD might be ready sometime in 2012. If it is finished in the first half of the year I will release it in that year otherwise expect an early 2013 release. Anything is subject to change though.

MAY 15, 2010: I have added a new interview with Jesse at the Metal Psalter. Check out the reviews page for The Godless, The Godforsaken and the God Damned to read it and the newest reviews I have posted.

MAY 13, 2010: Albert Sidney Johnson, my father, passed away at 5:45 this morning. Unlike so many others in the world that arrogantly would have you believe that they rose above their upbringing, I will tell you that it will be hard to live up to mine. I had excellent parents. Perhaps their example is why so much of the world seems intolerable to me...R.I.P.

APRIL 19, 2010: I have posted a new interview with Angelic Warlord Magazine on the "Godless" reviews page. Also I have been adding reviews for the new CD as well. I added the song "Hate Crime" to the music player on the music page as well as several BMO sites. There is a new essay posted on the essays page that should provide some amusement as well.

MARCH 27, 2010: I have added the first reviews of the new CD to the reviews page. Also I have posted a new essay about the passing of the parasitic health care law last weekend.

MARCH 21: 2010: R.I.P. United States of America July 4, 1776-March 21, 2010. 234 years of freedom was a good run by anyone's standards.

FEBRUARY: 17, 2010: The New Babylon Mystery Orchestra CD is now released and available. The CD Baby and Amazon.com pages are active. There is a new site I am trying called digstation that is a digital download site that makes the booklet text available as well. I have been updating this website with new material for the CD. I have also added pages to this website for lyrics and booklet text. I have the last three records up and will eventually get around to all of them. The song "Catspaw" is up at this site the Myspace site and the BMO facebook page. Check it out.

FEBRUARY 13, 2010: Working on updating the site to accommodate the new CD. Catspaw is up on this site now as well. By popular demand I am also working on putting BMO lyrics on the site as well.

JANUARY 27, 2010: The track "Catspaw" from the new CD, "The Godless, The Godforsaken and the God Damned," is up for preview on the new Babylon Mystery Orchestra page on Facebook. Go check it out!


JANUARY 5, 2010: The new CD is on its way to the pressing plant. The CD's title is: The Godless, The Godforsaken and the God Damned. I expect to have it available in February. Here is the track listing: 1. Catspaw 2. Apollo 3. Benai Elohim (Semjaza's Return) 4. A Constitutional Right? 5. Jesus Save... 6. Hate Crime 7. Ruin 8. Viva Cristo Rey! 9. We Is Killin' Me 10. Godless 11. You're On Your own...This Time 12. The Twelfth Imam.

As promised, the CD really isn't a conceptual one, however with that title and the additional text for the booklet it certainly plays as one. I guess I can't help myself.

OCTOBER 23, 2009: A lot going on here in Greenville Alabama. I went to see Alice Cooper in Montgomery two weeks ago and will be in Birmingham to see KISS tomorrow night. Work has been getting done on the BMO front as well. The new CD is finished. I am doing some remixing as well as working on the booklet. I am not officially announcing the CD's title yet but there is a new interview posted on the "Axis Of Evil" reviews page with the Metal Resource where I do give it away. So be sure to read that one and the one with Musicouch that I also recently posted. I will be giving more information on the new CD soon. Expect an early 2010 release.

JULY 19, 2009: Another long period between updates here but there are always new essays being added to the essays page. Today I added a new, and important one, called "We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For." It is getting more dangerous in this country by the minute.

I have finished recording 10 songs now for the new CD. Everything is on schedule for an early 2010 release. I am really happy with the way this one is progressing. I am still not committed to a title for this work yet, but soon I will be in a position to let everyone know everything about it.

FEBRUARY 15, 2009: It's been awhile since I last posted here but I have been updating the site all along. But it is about time I added some news. I have just posted the second of two essays for this month. The new one being called "September 11, 2008: American Putsch?" Catchy huh? Hopefully it will make you think about what manipulations to the machination of our society are taking place...right in front of us.

The next Babylon Mystery Orchestra CD does not yet have a title as I am holding to my promise not to do a thematic record this time. I am finishing the work on the seventh track this week. I want to have between 10-12 tracks on the finished record so I believe I am on schedule. The song I am finishing is called "Hate Crime." It is one I am particularly looking forward to releasing. More details will be forthcoming as the record progresses.

NOVEMBER 16, 2008: Well, the election didn't go the way I wanted. It was no surprise though, and it is already proving inspirational for material to be included on the next BMO release. I promised that this one would not be a full concept CD and I am holding to that. When its finished I will find a way to tie it all together so the booklet will continue to hold a place of major importance in the presentation.

As of this moment I have five tracks finished for the next CD and have significant work done on a sixth. So I think I am on schedule. I have added some more reviews to the website as well as a new essay today. Also I now can accept paypal payments for orders through the website so contact me if that's a preferred method for you.

I should also point out that when Bill Clinton was first elected president back in 1992 the Alabama Crimson Tide went on to win the college football national championship. You might observe that they are currently undefeated at 11-0 and ranked number 1 in the nation. Democratic administrations have been good for the Crimson Tide...and I find my silver linings where I can. Roll Tide Roll!

SEPTEMBER 7, 2008: I have added a new essay that takes direct aim at the presidential race. I am sure it won't come as a surprise when you read it. I have also worked to get up a couple of new blogsites to distribute them. Check them out on the essays page and see how they look. On the BMO front, I am working on the basic tracks for a fifth new song for the next CD. So I am somehow still managing to keep to a somewhat consistent schedule. Also Maltkross Productions, located in France, is releasing a cassette version of "Axis Of Evil." It is an authorized version that is cassette only with different artwork. Hopefully it will draw more interest to both Babylon Mystery Orchestra and the important issues dealt with on the recording.

Speaking of "Axis Of Evil," the reviews are still coming in. They are relatively even between reviewers who like it and those who loathe it. The subject matter has led to a lot of unfair and untrue statements being made about both me and the recording, but that was always expected. It only makes me appreciate the favorable statements even more. It is amusing to me that German reviewers are almost universal in their portrayal of the CD as racist and xenophobic. Strange how that has never been said about all the anti-Christian music that is reviewed there. There have now been 11,800 deadly ISLAMIC terrorist attacks since September 11, 2001. We are still waiting for the Baptists, Catholics and the Methodists to get ONE accomplished so we can prove, once and for all, that all religious fundamentalism is equal.

AUGUST 1, 2008: More reviews have been added as well as a couple of essays. I have actually been working on material for a fifth BMO CD. As I have indicated in some interviews, I intend for it to cover a variety of subjects and not be built around a single theme. So far I am sticking to that. But I am also getting very eager to start the sixth CD, that will bring a return to the "concept" record. Lets face it...I like that format and it just seems easier for me to stay focused on the work that way...and by the way, don't miss the new Batman movie. Its that good.

JUNE 1, 2008: A new essay is posted today. Be sure and check the "Axis Of Evil" reviews and interviews page as there are three new interviews. I have posted many more reviews, including some new "Dhimmi" reviews. Make sure you scroll down and read them as they are quite amusing. As many of you have noticed I have been adding some "interesting" visuals to accompany them. I have added a few more of them as well.

MAY 16, 2008: Plenty of new reviews are being added to the "Axis Of Evil" reviews page. A new interview is also posted there with Heavy Metal Universe webzine, be sure to read it.

APRIL 26, 2008: A disturbing trend is starting to emerge as the reviews to "Axis Of Evil" are coming in. It appears that this record, that only partially concerns itself with revealing the depth and breadth of intolerance within Islam, is itself being misrepresented by some reviewers as a purveyor of intolerance. That this would be a controversial record was always known to me. Perhaps, however, I underestimated the willingness of some people to use it to further their own agendas and distorted views of the world. Nevertheless it is going to make for a lot of fun. It certainly does appear that my "Crusader" outfit irritates all the right people! I have been adding reviews to the Reviews page, including the ones that portray me as an "agent of American intolerance." Read them. For many of them I have decided to have a little fun and have given a response to their allegations of intolerance.

APRIL 4, 2008: I have added a couple of new reviews to the reviews page. LORDS OF METAL from The Netherlands contributed one. You can click here to read it. Also we have one from WHITE METAL in Italy. You can click here to read it in Italian. If anyone can send me an English translation I will gladly post it.

MARCH 31, 2008: I have added the first interview for the new CD. It is with Andy from ANGELIC WARLORD. A very good and detailed one. Click here to read it. There is a new review from ChristianXtreme webzine. You can click here to read it. Also be sure to notice the banner I added at the bottom of the home page. I captured that from a Jihadist website. We aren't kidding folks, and neither are they! The danger is real and YOUR freedoms are on the line.

 On February 3, 2008 Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi demanded action from the United Nations in accord with purely Islamic, Shari'a-based conceptions of "blasphemy":

...the governments of the world must be pressured to demand that the U.N. adopt a clear resolution or law that categorically prohibits affronts to prophets -- to the prophets of the Lord and his Messengers, to His holy books, and to the religious holy places.

 Freedom of speech offends them. The U.N. just may be pathetic enough to acquiesce to the demands of Islam. International Blasphemy laws, of course, will not apply to any religion other than Islam. Offending Jesus can continue unabated!

MARCH 22, 2008: We have our first reviews of the new CD. The first one is from Angelic Warlord and is a rather good and very detailed one. You can click here to read it. The other one comes from our friends at Disagreement Online in Luxembourg. This CD, being a very personal statement with a strong expression of controversial issues, is going to meet with a lot of resistance. However, I am inclined to include some of these reviews on this site. Certainly Disagreement's review, though negative, is worthy of expression on this site. Let's be honest,  most bands try every trick in the book to get someone to call them "threatening" and "offensive." That is, they try every trick except the one employed on "Axis of Evil"...telling the truth! There is much positive to be found in some criticism. Click here to read Disagreement's review.

FEBRUARY 29, 2008: The new CD is now up and listed at both Amazon.com and CDBaby.

FEBRUARY 24, 2008: The new Babylon Mystery Orchestra CD, "Axis Of Evil," is now officially available through this site. Amazon.com and CDBaby are also going to have it online imminently. Check out and see the new BMO merchandise of posters and the first ever BMO T-Shirts!

  I have chosen to add the song "Crusader" to this and several other BMO music sites as an introduction to the new work. I have also added a new essay concerning the release. There will be another to follow soon.

  There are those who will view the new CD as violating certain unwritten laws of "political correctness" in its' overt criticism of a religion other than "politically acceptable" Christianity. Be assured, this is intentional. Every effort has been made to be as offensive as possible whilst maintaining the intellectual integrity necessary to validate these statements against Islamic supremacism. Yet, contrary to Muslim' sentiments, Islam is not the center of the universe. It is merely one tool of many used to deceive and control. Islam along with Illuminist Enlightenment and the populist notions of Socialism all combine to make up the true "Axis of Evil." And they all answer to the same source...even if they CHOOSE not to believe it. I hope you all find the material challenging.

JANUARY 7, 2008: The new Babylon Mystery Orchestra CD has now been sent to the pressing plant for production. Check soon for a new song to be added to this site and the myspace site. The CD itself should be ready for release sometime in February. Here is the full track listing for the CD called "Axis Of Evil" 1. Annuit Coeptis 2. We Ride, You Die 3. DevilSpawn (Muhammad's Song) 4. Islam 5. God Given Right 6. Crusader 7. Diabolus Apocalypse 8. Illuminati 9. Novus Ordo Seclorum 10. Xenophobia 11. Martyr (The Patience Of The Saint) 12. Come Drink The Wrath 13. God Damn The Children Of The Beast.

OCTOBER 14, 2007:  I have completed writing the text of the booklet for "Axis Of Evil" so everything is ready to send to the pressing plant at the first of the year. Stay tuned for more details about the CD. I have added a new essay to the "Essays" page so be sure and check it out.