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Join the new crusade against Islam, the Illuminati, and the Socialists who compete for world domination.

Check the Music page to hear "Crusader," the most "politically incorrect" song ever written, from the most politically incorrect CD ever made: Axis Of Evil!

Welcome to the home of BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA


"If you want to save your way of life then listen close. The only antidote for TERROR is a FATAL dose!" -Sidney Allen Johnson

Axis of Evil

Patience is a weapon that envelopes you slowly. The arrogant never see it until the last crushing blow is ready to be delivered... often too late to stop it.

In every age, when freedom and liberty are about to be put to the attack, there has always been a watchman: a sentinel standing in wait to sound an alarm and offer a final warning. Babylon Mystery Orchestra's Axis Of Evil is just such a warning.

Track Listing

Annuit Coeptis
We Ride... You Die
DevilSpawn (Muhammad's Song)
God Given Right
Diabolus Apocalypse
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Come Drink the Wrath
God Damn the Children of the Beast

Casting aside all political correctness, Babylon Mystery Orchestra delivers its deadliest offering!

On his continuing crusade to expose apocalyptic conspiracies, Sidney Allen Johnson has built a devastating condemnation of the Triumvirate of Evil: Islam, Socialism, and the Illuminati. They constitute the true "Axis Of Evil" in a Satanic competition to dominate the world... and each other!

Such treachery was foretold thousands of years ago, and the minions of evil have been actively prosecuting their war against mankind through the centuries. Now is the time to break the seal and unsheathe an ancient wisdom that was once revered, yet forsaken in our own time...

May God favor our undertakings. ("Annuit Coeptis") Ahh... but whose god? And who is seeking his favors? The four horsemen of the apocalypse have long been on their ride ("We Ride... You Die") with death and deception as their guides. A false prophet is chosen ("DevilSpawn [Muhammad's Song]") from the house of Ishmael: a house that already feels as though it has been betrayed, and had its birthright stolen, by the house of Isaac and Jacob, and is known to the world today as Israel. The False Prophet's gift to the world is the religion of perpetual vengeance... Islam. It brings with it an enslavement to violence and death, consummately portrayed in the venomous "God Given Right": the first of the twin towers of political incorrectness savagely unleashed on Axis Of Evil; a song whose lyrics are composed entirely from the words of Islamic terrorists. Alas, PURE HATE SPEECH! Who among you will have the courage to resist these feral followers of a fool? Once you have been hurt badly enough, and you will be, you will be ready for the second twin tower of political incorrectness: "Crusader." "How can we resist a rabble blinded by a god? You kill 'em! You kill 'em all!" ...And you will, too!

And just who is this god of Muhammad? Why, it's none other than our favorite angel, Lucifer. Embittered by the loss of his own birthright, he leads others to their doom on an endless quest for revenge against... God. ("Diabolus Apocalypse") But there is more: sinister cults arrogantly projecting themselves as an illuminated and enlightened aristocracy. They enslaved their souls to the pursuit of giving birth to a New World Order, an age they believe belongs to them. ("Illuminati") But still, there is more. What of the "average"? How do they exercise their right to dominate the future and the world? They attempt to steal the world in the name of the people and for the "collective" good of mankind. The doctrine of socialism, another version of the same New World Order... just a different set of kings to run it. ("Novus Ordo Seclorum")

His Satanic Majesty is pleased. For you see, everyone has one thing in common: distrust of his fellow man. Once the fuse is lit, the blood will flow... profusely. ("Xenophobia") One act of violence is fuel for the next one. In a world dedicated to to revenge, everyone is killing and willing to be killed, for their own particular cause. ("Martyr [The Patience Of The Saint]")

At the center of the "Axis Of Evil" lies the heart of this diabolical plan. Six thousand years he has waited for his time. And now he prepares to mock God! Lucifer unleashes his own plans for revenge. He will send to this chaotic world the man who would bring order. But in return for his new age of peace, you must submit to him. And to show it, you will bear his mark, a mark of eternal damnation. ("Come Drink The Wrath") Don't be an arrogant fool. This is the real Satan, not the buffoon of black metal records. He will force even the most devout of the "elect" of God into many a terrible decision. Once saved, always saved? ...Detter be sure.

You can kill for hate, money, sex, power, or even just for the love of killing. But could you kill for love? Kill on earth to gain the Kingdom of God? Is this paradox ultimately possible? Satan mocks God and brings those who "love not their life" to a terrible, terrible choice. This is your "great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be." "God Damn The Children Of The Beast"... indeed.

With Babylon Mystery Orchestra, you have come to expect quality in packaging to be an integral part of the presentation. Axis Of Evil comes with a gorgeous 32 page booklet packed with the lyrics, text, and commentary that make a Babylon Mystery Orchestra recording a truly unique artistic presentation.

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