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This is a page for reviews of the CD Axis Of Evil as well as interviews done after this CD was released.

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Reviews & Interviews

"The one who cannot see that on Earth a big endeavor is taking place, an important plan, on which realization we are allowed to collaborate as faithful servants, certainly has to be blind." -Winston Churchill

Axis of Evil


Angelic Warlord

Pavillon 666 (in French and English)

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I. Those who favored AXIS OF EVIL with positive reviews...

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DangerDog (click to read)

Behind the Veil

This unconventional and pioneering one man band from the U.S., strikes back with its fourth full length release that is here not only to allure you with its dark melodies and heavy atmosphere, but it's also here to make you reflect on some serious topics such as conspiracies, politics and religions, the latter of which is the main concept behind "Axis of Evil". Sydney Allen Johnson the main man behind this unique musical endavour is offering us here not only interesting music, but also clever and sharp lyrics that are food for thought... This means that the lyrics will make you think and maybe even reconsider things whether you agree with Sydney's point of view or not. It's the kind of band whose music coexists harmonically with the lyrics and one couldn't be without the other. One other thing I love about this band is that it has identity, originality and a recognizable sound... it's the band you either love or hate and personally I choose to love it! The new album moves in the same direction as the band's previous releases, so we're talking about a type of symphonic gothic/heavy metal with a great deal of doom elements. BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA has kept those great, dark and eerie atmospheres that spice up the songs and actually I can't say the sound has been altered or changed much... It has just evolved and progressed. The main difference I found is on the guitars that this time are heavier, more voluminous and sound angrier than ever before... Sydney's vocals are deep and dark and some times they sound "resigned" and melancholic and other times they sound full of rage and might! The production is once again really good and the booklet is, as always, extremely well taken care of and with lots of information in it! If you are bold and really open minded, then here you are...

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The evil that religions do: a new treaty on the great lie in the sky

Sidney Allen Johnson is a stubborn man who fears no risk. Back in 2006 on "The Great Apostasy," the singer and guitarist explored in-depth the Satanic nature of the Christian church, but this time it's Islam that gets slammed for Muhammad's violent dogma which is ruining our world right now. So there's a rightful anger in the viscous bass riffs and lashing guitar bursts of "We Ride, You Die", and Tony Iommi's fans will have a blast with "DevilSpawn", but death metal doesn't rule the game here as "Illuminati" sails on acoustic strum while "Islam" blends harmonic chant with rock 'n' roll and the "Martyr" creepy sadness gets into one's soul. A solid record by the brave one.

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Pavillon 666 (click to read in French)

How to approach this traveling enigma...

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA is a little like Burzum if he wrote on amphetamines (heat in front) and was putting heavy doom over. Ok, this is perhaps excessive I grant you, but how does one understand the approach of Sidney Allen Johnson? Everything is politicized here, with texts that are very powerful, if not shocking for some, and that is the goal. This American has certainly been upset enough to come to this chivalrous crusade (I quote): "against Islam, the Illuminati and the Socialists who compete for world domination". With these words, almost everything is said. When one sees the opening of the website, which recalls a certain cross of the forties, one also thinks of a Crusade not very Catholic...And yet this Christian (with an "I" not of bad puns!) mixes personal texts with portions of speeches from the left and right and makes a propaganda rather incomprehensible in facts. You see Satanic symbols, writing in Arabic, bin-Laden quotes, speeches by Bush and Clinton (?). In short, this cluster of ideas is un-doubtably taken over by provocation to see us respond by real revisionist ideology, no matter what...

But as this webzine is apolitical, I have traced the broad outline and we will concentrate on the music. There is the essence after all, whether one is in agreement or not with the author/composer. And here, I must say that I took an immense musical pleasure. One forgets for a moment the sulphurous and heinous texts, to delve into a sort of intoxicating, heavy doomesque and and mysterious environment. The white knight has obviously more than one trick in his bag thanks to a song that is reminiscent of the singing Viking, melodious and heady. Imagine simply, the first Black Sabbath even more doomy and dark/goth mixed with a chorus of more Vikings. You are there? Synth and piano play a part enough "gothique," the guitar solo is heavy (and rare) sometimes rough, very low doom as the tempo, and the singing...clear and slightly Viking (you follow!). A recipe not really original, but really fun. One plunges without complexity into this very heavy and highly mystical environment. We even have the right to a superb ballad, "Martyr," mainly acoustic with an air of Tiamat, and yes!

We say a little about the artwork, very old school but sticking with the musical content and texts, a matter of taste. Of course you are very well provided with a booklet full of the blasphemous texts and quotations of the various religious and political protagonists.

It is not only the black metal that can lay claim to this crusade, "Axis Of Evil" is also propagated in the heavy doom. So if you disregard the ideological content (like me with Burzum) by closing the eyes and opening the ears you will find here a very good metal album to be reserved perhaps to the old fighters of the Eighties years. To you be the judge! rating: 8/10

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Pneumatic Tire (currently unavailable)

Christian Xtreme (currently unavailable)

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Hard Rock House

Metal Core Fanzine

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA/Axis Of Evil (Self Released) This was some decent heavy metal, but the vocals were kinda buried and it just made for a bad combo. This is a one man band and for that, this is one heck of a piece of music. The music is a metal fans dream with plenty of riffs and heavy playing. The vocals are not bad, but they kinda get buried in the mix at times. This does not sound like any band I can think of and it is almost doomy and dark in spots at times too. For this to be a one man project in my eyes is simply amazing. If you like metal then check this out.

Rock-a-Rolla Magazine

You can not start this review without saying that this record is executed entirely composed and produced by a single person, Sidney Allen Johnson. "Axis of Evil" gives the whole feeling of being kind of conceptual album, as the main theme of the lyrics is given by the religion and the world political situation, in which Johnson gives free rein to all his dissatisfaction about the performance of the leaders who govern us, something that had happened in his previous opus, "The Great Apostasy." Musically, this is a disc that explores the terrain of progressive heavy metal, with more Gothic elements, a kind of Type O Negative mixed with Therion, if I may, which appears to be the hallmark of this project. "Axis of Evil" becomes a kind of metal-opera, which of course is not aimed at those looking for sounds simple and easy, but to all those who enjoy sitting down, booklet in hand, listening to good music and think about what they're hearing.

Metal to Infinity (click to read)

Metal Mayhem UK (currently unavailable)

Sidney Speaks: This is that unusual review where the reviewer thoroughly disagrees with the views expressed on the CD and even calls them "Xenophobic," yet otherwise gives the CD a lot of praise for its presentation. I have contacted the website and asked if the reviewer would like to discuss his misgivings with an interview.

Obliveon Magazine (click to read in German)

This is the fourth album by Sidney Allen Johnson alone with his project Babylon Mystery Orchestra. To understand this concept album in the right context, you need to take the following facts and environmental factors into account.

a) Sidney is American, and thus the citizen of an entity that boasts a constitution with a lot of freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion. It is also a nation that is, at least for the moment, under the the shock of September 11, 2001. At the same time it has a president that is a little squeamish and is happy to disseminate false allegations to lead the country into a war.

b) Sidney lives in the state of Alabama, and therefore grew up in, and is deeply rooted in, the American Bible Belt. It also appears he is a low creditor of humans.

c) Sidney likes concept albums and provocative subjects. He portrayed on his debut CD, "Divine Right Of Kings," his native America as the Whore of Babylon and the enemy of God. On his second, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven," he condemned rock music and war as brought by the angels for their pleasure. On the predecessor, "The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy Of Satanic Christianity," he even threw the question of whether the Christian church for 2000 years represents what was intended or if it was undermined and influenced by the devil.

Under this impression, it is not surprising that the current work, "Axis Of Evil," is devoted to Islamic terror.

Sidney provides background texts in the booklet with quotations of Western and Islamic leaders such as Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Blair as well as Ahmedinejad, Bin Laden and others to show the intolerance of Islamic Fundamentalists. Unfortunately he leaves that and uses Bible and the Koran quotations to show that Islam itself is bad. There even immigrants are called "Trojan Horses" which infiltrate us with their faith and culture. One more than precarious argumentation chain. To all the abundance of good Sidney posits in addition in the lining of the booklet he is a cross-knight. Where we know the defense of the Christian faith in Jerusalem was one of the smallest interests of the church. The theory of Christianity as peace loving thereby absurd. Admittedly this is a historic moment, Christian charity a few centuries back, but only Sidney performs this regard with its casing in the field. Particularly those that would oppose the Islamic fundamentalist leaders with their behavior, their self-image, their image of women or halt an intolerance that is still stuck in the deepest Middle Ages. Religion is religion and at best leads to nothing. Although to a society shaped by tolerance, nothing is to be objected.

Oh yes, there is even music on the CD. This is certainly classified in the wide field of Gothic Rock like the Sisters Of Mercy. Mostly mid-tempo and simple standard hard rock riffs with acoustic playing and choruses shaped by the dark recitation singing of Sidney will address this to a certain clientele. The master with some additional melodies, as for instance in "Islam," tries to offer alternation, however compared to the first three albums Sidney offers nothing new. This, and only this musical view, leads to the reduced note of 7 points. 7/10 - SBr

My Beloved Darkness

Here is the 4th album from this act from Alabama - U.S., influenced by Black Sabbath and to a lesser degree by Sisters of Mercy and Paradise Lost (old). Compared with their previous work there is not much difference, although some anger is perceived aggressive, but continues with this line bleak, slow and heavy, with strong guitars, keyboards momentary baroque, more intense and powerful voice in Sydney Allen Johnson (brain, composer, musician and singer BMO).

As in his earlier work, the most interesting part of this project staff is the conceptual side, which continues with a high burden policy - religious, as a modern crusade that launched strikes against what he considers the "axis of evil", read: illuminati, socialists, Islam and other religions fundamentalists, who are in a dangerous race to get the power and handcuffed individual freedom of man, made clear that he sees it from the standpoint of an American citizen, with a government threatened by their own creations and its biggest enemy, Islam.

In the thick booklet (28 pages), among the letters, you can also find a variety of excerpts from the thought of renowned personalities of world history as Jesus Christ, F. Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Osama bin Laden, Karl Marx, Winston Churchill, etc., as well as texts of The Bible, The Koran written official of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, so rather than the music that caught my attention are the ideas that handles Mr. Johnson. It also touches issues such as global warming, food and economic crisis ... apocalypse is global and is already here.

In the musical aspect, I think that BMO is in a phase of stagnation compositional since their last two jobs do not exceed their best record achieved, the 2nd album "On Earth As It Is In Heaven," however this must be the 4th album listened very carefully to understand the full context. Rating: 6.8/10 -Saqrangel

White Metal Italy (click to read in Italian)

Metalzone.gr (click to read in Greek)

II. Not everyone sees things the same. Here is a selection of negative reviews...

Disagreement E-Zine(click to read)

Metalteam UK (currently unavailable)

Terrorverlag (click to read in German)

Heavyhardes.de (click to read in German)

III. Dhimwit Reviews...

Dhimmi (dm-m or zm-m) - An Islamic term that refers to a subjugated non-Muslim person living in a Muslim society.  Second-class status is confirmed by the legal system and dhimmis do not share the rights of their Muslim rulers. 

Dhimwit (dm-wt) - A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility.  A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.

Metal.de (click to read in German)

Whether provocative Muhammad cartoons in Denmark or anti-Islam movies in Holland, polarizing criticism of the beliefs of millions of Muslims worldwide is currently a heavy trend. The fact is that, instead of a search for peaceful solutions for the political problems of our time, under a pseudo-religious guise, blind hatred is in the foreground. Putting the disseminators of these messages in direct proximity of the Islamic Fundamentalists hated by them.

Now comes another religiously motivated anti-Islam CD from the country of unlimited possibilities. Sidney Allen Johnson, the head behind the BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA, is one of those people who regard themselves as devout Christians, who likes to take every opportunity to use inappropriate Biblical quotations to accuse without understanding the core message to the literary foundation of Christianity.

Actually, this would be the time to take a closer look at the musical content of the disc, but the result is absolutely disappointing. At no time is there an independent musical personality of any recognizing value. Something other than boredom over the instrumental performance is not the cause. Flat and fairly rhythmic riffs on drums plus occasional sound effects, like bell sounds or short acoustic passages, serve only as background noise to the lecture of the self-appointed prophet. This is spoken with a monotonous and pseudo-dark voice that sounds like a failed attempt at an atmosphere album. For that Mr. Johnson cannot sing, of course, I fully understand. Why he did not have his messages carried by a more capable singer is a mystery to me. Maybe it was hard to find somebody who would want to put his crude thinking into the scene. That could prove hopeful to our state of the world.

From a pot of colorful quotes Sidney Allen Johnson cobbles his texts. Since taking George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, the Bible and many others in the booklet of the word (naturally for the "good" side...), and quotes from the Koran, but also Osama bin Laden or the Al-Quaida manual for comparison. These are mixed in with primitive lyrics for the following pages. The fact that this procedure cleverly makes a connection that is out of context or even completely distorted (as in the example of the "Revelation" text with the "four horsemen of the Apocalypse" is connected to the song "We Ride, You Die") is not the action of thoroughness. Probably no more place remained with all the self-production and presentation of Mr. Johnson. Still, there's a chic image of him in a Crusader's outfit packed in the booklet that shows a real determination and erases any doubts about the propaganda.

Fundamentalism, no matter religious or political direction it operates, is as equally unnecessary and dangerous as the development of the atomic bomb. And both have the potential to destroy our world sooner or later. Therefore this polemic and hateful concoction is musically heedless and safe to forego. Rating: 0/10 (Xeledon / 09.04.2008)

Sidney speaks: Our friend Xeledon has an illusion of the world that comforts him. Unfortunately it IS an illusion. When confronted by a worldview different from his he must address the messenger as a bearer of "blind hatred" even in the face of indisputable truths. Claiming that statements are taken out of context is a tried and true method of condemning without evidence. Please explain to me how statements such as: "Whoever offends our Prophet Mohammed should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim," by Somalia jihadist Sheik Abubukar Hassan Malin, can be taken in a more positive manner. They can't. By suggesting that they are out of context only insults the intelligence of these people who meant exactly what they said. And it doesn't say much for our friend Xeledon to be an apologist for them.

He states, as an example, my distorted use of the Revelation text about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse as being out of context to be used in conjunction with the song "We Ride, You Die." Yet the song is entirely about the Four horsemen! Clearly identifying them in the lyrics! All four of them by name! Since this song leads into the song about Muhammad, a false prophet who used warfare and death as a means of conquest it would appear that Islam is an excellent example of at least three of them at work. Just as are the false prophets that have descended from Muhammad and continue to kill, guided by his instructions, in far greater numbers than he ever could.

Xeledon concludes his own "lecture" with a statement claiming that all fundamentalism is equally dangerous. We have a word for this sort of thing in Alabama...bullsh*t! In 350 years the infamous Spanish Inquisition put to death between 3,000-5,000 people. Muslim terrorists accomplished that in one September morning in 2001. There have been 10,800 deadly ISLAMIC terrorist attacks since September 11, 2001. There have been 00,000 CHRISTIAN terrorist attacks since September 11, 2001. No my friend, all fundamentalism is not created equal.

Xeledon is a young man with his whole life ahead of him. No doubt he has plans, dreams and aspirations. He does not want his world shattered, and neither do I. But 1400 years of history say Islam will not leave him alone. I brought words and music as a warning to him. He need not expect a song and dance from the Muslim Fundamentalists... they will kill him. However, he has been warned. His blood is on his own hands.

The Pit

Do you know what makes me bored in our scene? No, not waiting forever for the new Guns-n-Roses album, but the records of so many newcomers. My special favorites are the volume of cartridge belt bands that in their texts kill hundreds of Christians and burn at least 20 churches. No, I don't want to downplay anything here but how seriously can you take these. How do I come to this? Because now it is finally the first CD with an anti-Islamic message. Stop the hatred against Christianity, now it's a different religion's turn. This is, incidentally IRONY if someone should not understand.

Alone, the booklet to "Axis Of Evil" is both funny and frightening. Bandleader Sidney Allen Johnson apparently sees himself on a Holy mission (complete with Crusader's outfit) and throws all kinds of Biblical quotations around. There are statements by Winston Churchill and several U.S. presidents who are the "good guys" and the inevitable citations from the Koran, Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qaida manual.

I dare say that many of the quotations are out of context. In the promo sheet Johnson claims this is "extremely politically incorrect." Obviously he pleases himself in this role... well, if its fun. Purely subjectively, he fulfills the stereotype for the intolerant man for me.

We come finally to the music. It is reassuring to know that if I ignore Babylon Mystery Orchestra in the future that nothing will have escaped me. Apparently he likes Gothic Rock. At least I conclude that from his pseudo-dark voice. He sounds like a gothic version of Kermit the Frog. In addition there are incredibly toothless riffs, some inserted acoustics and monotonous drumming. Finished, its done! One cannot say more because almost every song sounds the same.

Conclusion: Who thereby will (and there might be three people who would voluntarily listen to this disc) boringly go through the citations and the texts of this intolerably polarizing mix? That is certainly more exciting than this unsafe and unnecessary scrap. Why does one publish such a thing? 0/10 Benjamin Verwold

Sidney Speaks: NO WAY MISTER! I am not going to let either you or heavy metal itself get away with dismissing your roles in ENABLING the enemies of freedom. For over 20 years now heavy metal bands have been openly and viciously deriding Christians, Christianity and Jesus in their childish Satanic pursuit of the illusion of rebellion. The fact is that almost all of them know nothing of either Satanism or Christianity and have merely excoriated Christianity as a means of avoiding gainful employment. This genuine hypocrisy makes them no different than the average religious charlatan that fraudulently bilks believers in God out of their money. However, in spite of all this phony posing and posturing, these heavy metal bands did, quite accidentally, accomplish one very important thing: They exposed Christianity as a very TOLERANT religion. How many times have Christians reacted violently to these openly Satanic bands? The answer is...never! This in spite of the fact that at times these musicians used violence against Christians, as in the Black Metal church burnings of Norway. At best you might have a few particularly brave souls venture to a Black Metal show to hand out Christian pamphlets. These are not the actions of intolerance.

Yet now we have the blatantly intolerant religion of Islam rioting over cartoons depicting Muhammad and movies ACCURATELY portraying Islam. Their leaders are demanding blasphemy laws and decrying free speech against their prophets. They stand in open opposition to not only freedom of speech but also freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and the rights of women and non-Muslims throughout the world.  They not only threaten violence when challenged, but carry out their threats with regularity. You would think heavy metal "artists" would be chomping at the bit to get at these people who represent everything they claim to oppose. Unfortunately these "artists" have been found to be wanting in the courage department. After all Islam, unlike Christianity, does not take offenses lightly. They hit back. Yet when one lone artist speaks up against this sort of thing you wish to dismiss it as just being another religion's turn. This is as childish as it is insane. The red hot rhetoric of heavy metal is reduced to cliche and foolish statements like "I dare say that many of the quotations are taken out of context." Empty, evidence free rhetoric is the language of the coward. Perhaps someone could explain how statements such as "God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the Mujahadeen," could possibly have a more loving and tolerant context.

No Mr. Verwold, you are not going to be able to dismiss the truth by merely labeling me as the "stereotype for the intolerant man." This messenger brings forth an accurate message. It is you who are intolerant to both the truth, and the reality that spawns it... and besides, I happen to love Kermit the Frog! Many people do.

Heavy Metal.de (click to read in German)

From a political and religious view, quite doubtful... and in music, likewise not important.

It is quite interesting when lyrics and everything such as this finds its way to a silver disc. So even with the latest work of BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA (what a strange name since there is only a single individual behind it) called "Axis Of Evil."

The maker of this dubious output, Sidney Allen Johnson, looks in the promotional pictures a little like Ritchie Blackmore dressed in crusader's knight armament. The appearance is, however, the only adequate comparison to the guitar god. Otherwise what awaits the listener on "Axis Of Evil" is a below average mix of Gothic, Doom and Traditional Metal.

There is no song that would justify individual mention. Mr. Johnson probably wants to draw your attention to the text itself, which he claims are "politically incorrect." There is certainly a lot of anti-Islamism in the speech. I did not however bother to chew on all this as excerpts from the meal were enough. Seen from the lyrics, Sidney Allen Johnson would probably have to be the speech writer of the current American President. But we leave these politically religious and doubtful things aside.

There is no reason to add any more to this review. That's why it gets from me a 1 out of 10 and a clear Thumbs Down and the truest sense! I always ask myself how the worst work could look to me as a music editor, "Axis Of Evil" lays strong claim to this title.

I renounce the mention of a tracklist because one does not have to advertise such nonsense.

Sidney Speaks: Another dhimwit who would simply dismiss the statements on this record as "doubtful" without providing an example of a "doubtful" claim made on the record. That would have required him to actually listen to, and pay attention to, the record he was reviewing and as he said himself, he did not bother. Excerpts were enough? Some people sign up to review music not realizing that they can't review their favorite bands every time. Sometimes you have to review something else. I guess our reviewer (who operates under the brilliantly original name of "metalhead") is only in it for the free records!

The truth is that I haven't been writing any speeches for "the current American President" since shortly after the important speech he gave after 9/11. Socialist Europeans, Liberal Americans and other assorted testicle free "conspirators for the collective good" took offense to our use of the word "crusade" to describe the "War on Terror." Afterward my speechwriting services were no longer requested. I do stand ready any time ole GW wants to give me a call though!

Our reviewer says he asks himself what the worst work could look like to him as a music editor and states "Axis Of Evil" lays a strong claim to that title. Well, let him also be assured that while "Axis Of Evil" may be worthy of such a dismal appraisal, his review has likewise confirmed that he gets the material to review that he deserves.

Islamic Tolerance for free speech

The reward for being Christian in a Muslim land... of course this is taken "out of context."

STORMBRINGER.AT (click to read in German)

Provocation in Metal is not new. It has been tried repeatedly under the guise of "artistic freedom" to make politically hard statements to polarize. In the most favorable cases these statements stimulate thinking. Not infrequently however they shoot across the goal and tear trenches. "Axis Of Evil" from BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA is one of those publications that instead of fruitful discussions produces only intolerance, hate and offense. Fundamentally I am against giving such types a platform. On the other hand it is important to warn of publications such as these because to be silent does not make it better. To the contrary.

Sidney Allen Johnson embodies the overstated image of the intolerant American. The good West, the bad East, Bush super and Islam shame. If I were an American I would have to be strongly ashamed of "Axis Of Evil." However the CD cover and band logo of the one man BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA ensure a violent ringing of all alarm bells. The protagonist with a proud swollen chest covered in a knight's cross (!) announcing that he and this publication are a terrorist target. The goal to be politically incorrect and nothing more. That is simply only one more brained-burned imbecility. And fortunately an excessive overestimation of itself.

Also, regarded by the musical point of view, the horizon is heavily limited by Sidney Allen Johnson. Monotonous the so-called "Orchestra" fights itself for 13 tracks which hardly differ from each other and move on at an unbelievable level. the greatest evil in addition to the messy and amateurish guitar solos is the singing in which Peter Steele seems like a trained opera tenor. With a bad demo I could still deal with it but the message behind the music makes each tiny hope for the music hopelessly destroyed.

The self-appointed "prophet" Johnson places "Axis Of Evil" on the same stage with the mental geniuses of the opposite side which still regard church burnings as a great thing. People like this let the gap between cultures become ever deeper with their intolerance.

Result: Mental Dnpfiff in its most disgusting form. No humans need. Valuation: 0.5 of 5.0 Alex Des Loges

Sidney Speaks: Our friend Alex has got to be a college graduate. An uneducated man could not possibly have access to such a bountiful fountain of foolishness and stupidity. This review is nothing more than a pre-arranged speech just waiting for an opportunity to present itself. One has to harbor a tremendous hatred for himself and his culture to misrepresent this CD as a platform for intolerance when in actuality it is a warning of the intolerance of others! As always there is tremendous interest in my Crusader's outfit but no examples of any errors in the statements made within "Axis Of Evil." Why? Because the statements made within are all TRUE! Alex is intolerant to the truth. He doesn't want to hear it and he doesn't want anyone else to hear it either. The deception and violence of Islam does not bother him. Such people have always been with us, and their willingness to appease evil today always leads to even greater loss of life in the future. Too bad. I suppose in Alex's world he will be a hero among his friends for standing up to the evil, intolerant American. Unfortunately their hero is a fraud.

The icing on the cake is linking my record with the Black Metal scene that likes to burn churches. Black Metal has been excoriating Christianity for over 20 years now but let another religion face a little scrutiny (fair scrutiny at that!) and hard-assed Heavy Metal people suddenly get all touchy-feely and sensitive to the feelings of Muslims. I guess Christianity is the only religion with any flaws. Either that, or you are just plain SCARED of Muslims. Cowards! Alex will submit to his Muslim overlords quite easily... and there are a lot of Alexes out there. You are going to love your new blasphemy laws!

If Alex had any integrity he would point out that the West and Islam have opposing views on almost everything... and it is Islam that intolerantly insists it does not have to co-exist with anyone. 10,900 terrorist attacks since 9/11/2001 are signs of whose intolerance? I bet none of the perpetrators of these acts of terrorism were wearing a crusader knight's cross!

People like Alex make me sympathize with the Biblical prophet Jonah and James T. Kirk. But nonetheless, like the reluctant Jonah before me, I have brought our friend Alex a fair warning. His blood is on his own hands... and I'm shaking the dust from his house off my feet.

Battle Helm

Holy sh*t! I've never seen such racist diatribe and I've even grew up in small town AmeriKKKa. This one man band here has put together (admittedly) the most anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant album ever from his viewpoint of the white christian jihadist or "crusader" as this maniac street preacher calls himself. His glossy photo shows him in a halloween templar knight costume cape looking dangerous. The biography shows the 3 arm swastika logo of the band and promotes the bullsh*t you'll find in the lyric booklet and defends the homophobic bent of the previous album - I guess I was lucky enough to miss out on that one. Since he says he doesn't care what people think, let me just say this: F**k this guy! -Josh Cook

Sidney Speaks: Unlike our previous reviewer, Josh is no college graduate. Just another left wing liberal Wackaloon who seems to have an affinity for importing exotic plants and himself wearing a "Halloween" costume. In his case a Druid. He implies that I have "admitted" to making an anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant record. I admit no such thing! I admit to being one of a few voices in this world bringing a warning of tremendous danger ahead... and nothing more. Perhaps if he were a college graduate he would have known that my Crusader outfit is not that of a Templar Knight. He might also know that swastikas have 4 arms and not three. He might even have known that there is no such thing as a "Christian Jihadist." But of what use is truth and knowledge to the curator of a fantastic fantasy world?

Nonetheless Josh chose not to review "Axis Of Evil" and instead has chosen to vent his hatred of Christians, Christianity and "AmeriKKKa" in general. Such is the type of childish behavior that you get when you dare to inject a dose of reality into the self absorbed fantasy land of the American Wackaloon. If Josh were a college graduate he might know that there is no such thing as a Muslim race. But hey, it's his fantasy world. How dare I intrude in it!

This type of review is a perfect example of why you will never get anything but mindless drivel out of bands. Why would a creature that craves adoration and acceptance as much as a musician, dare put his true beliefs out in the open to be the subject of ridicule and scorn when they deviate from the acceptable? Reviewers like this do not encourage art... they destroy it. You must affirm the acceptable belief system... or else! You are only allowed to have certain beliefs and opinions... or else! Any veering from the accepted path and you will be assailed with lies. This, in spite of the fact that the accepted path is, itself, fraught with lies. They love their lies. They need their lies. That is exactly how to describe this review. Lies. Josh is a liar and nothing more.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says there are no gays in Iran... these must have been the last two.

Muslim tolerance for Buddhists in Thailand

Bright Eyes (currently unavailable)

Not bad. Thick letter, thick booklet, autograph card and a picture of the head of this ship called BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA which is located in the land of the free. Politically incorrect and relevant in terms of the total world situation.

First I thought it was a fake, because the guy looks like Sam Neil, trimmed in a Middle Ages Crusader's costume, out for an evening in the country. For a closer look, the cover has a bleeding crescent moon, before which a star in pentagram form hangs, whose inside was replaced by a devil head. The title "Axis Of Evil," held in an Arab looking font style, is already a critical view of them.

The CD begins with speeches by Bush, Clinton and Blair concerning the Islamic world and with titles such as "We Ride, You Die" or "DevilSpawn (Muhammad's Song)" it is immediately clear what this is. A fundamentalist Christian-American hate campaign spread over nearly an hour. The whole thing is heated up by comparisons between (good) Bible quotations with (perfidious) excerpts from the Koran and/or by Lucifer himself.

This is not about provocation, as described in the accompanying leaflet, but is subjective hate directed toward Islam. text lines such as "They don't love their life but they'd love to cut down yours" in 'Crusader' are just one example of the pace which is submitted here. With "Absolutely no thanks to Muhammad Ibn Abdullah...DevilSpawn" included alongside the thank yous to Jesus Christ and consorts, the overall view is of a radically thinking American from Alabama. Home of the Republicans!

Total scrap is probably the most characteristic expression of what we endure here. Badly produced drum machine meets dark world downfall songwriting. The individual pieces do not deal with security. I also advise everyone else from looking at the thing. Nonsense campaign under the guise of bravery and Christianess.

Though initially astonished, my head is shaking and my smile diminished. A smile about the attempt to win listeners with such stump intimate material. Only the white cap is missing. Completely clear case for the Mllschlucker. 0 by 13 eyes Christian Kaltenmaier

Sidney Speaks: How is presenting Islam's own words and deeds from from the mouths and hands of its own people a "fundamentalist Christian hate campaign?" It appears our friend Christian is mis-named as he obviously has considerable animosity towards them. Islam is portrayed as its most prominent practitioners have presented it. Any hatred is of their making, not mine. It shows that all hope is not lost for Christian since he is still able to recognize that the Bible quotations are "good" and the Qu'ran ones are "perfidious." His words, not mine.

As for the quoted lyrics from "Crusader," I stand firmly behind them. These people have time and again shown they place no value in their own lives or the lives of anyone close to them. They are willing to kill and be killed for their cause. They sacrifice women and children without discretion. Therefore the lyrics are dead on accurate. Christian will just have to learn to like the taste of reality. Like beer, no one likes the taste of it at first, but he will get used to it.

I guess it would distress poor Christian's illusions about Alabama to know that, though we do have a Republican governor, politics in Alabama is pretty well dominated by the Democrats. That reality thing again. However, nothing you encounter can be more real than I am. I believe everything I say. If you want "fake" music from "fake" artists... stick to Black and Death Metal.