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Rock Music has killed before.... It will kill again!

Billions died!!!

The second Babylon Mystery Orchestra CD, On Earth as It Is in Heaven, is described here.

Listen to some of it on the Music page and see why we say Rock and Roll is over 4000 years old!

Welcome to the home of BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA


"And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man." -Luke 17:26

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

What do defiant rebel angels, music, and a worldwide deluge have in common? According to Babylon Mystery Orchestra, they are all part of one of the most well known but least understood stories in the history of the earth. With the second release On Earth as It Is in Heaven, this story is examined in a rarely-seen light.

Who were these angels, and what were they after? What was so bad about the people living in this time that a worldwide deluge was justified to wipe them out? And what of this music? Could it be that this music is of a form with which we are familiar today?

Track Listing

Semjaza's Song
A Celestial Kiss
Recieve, Trust and Believe
Ravishing Music
War Anthem
One Man
Heaven Can Wait
And the Waters Prevailed
Rainbow's End

Is it possible Rock and Roll is really over 4000 years old?!

Our story takes place in the world of Noah's day, when a group of angels seized upon the idea of descending to the earth and taking wives for themselves. However, trust was in short supply. The archangel Semjaza would not agree to lead this expedition without first extracting an oath from each of the 200 participants. ("Semjaza's Song") Once bonded, they took to the earth with a lust for life unequalled before or since. ("Violation") The women of the earth were easily seduced by these celestial beings, but would you have the power to resist if all the secrets of heaven were laid at your feet? ("A Celestial Kiss")

Where is the most famous of all angels while the earth is being corrupted? Alas, Satan is seducing a young man with a gift that will exert his influence on this world, teaching him to make instruments and sounds the likes of which had never been heard before. ("Receive, Trust and Believe") Music is born! This is not a frivolous music based on entertainment; this music is designed to inflame the hearts of all who hear it. ("Ravishing Music") It leads to all manner of evil behavior. Its listeners even bond themselves to their new gods by turning their bodies into living idols. ("Bleed") Ultimately, this music becomes a tool for teaching and encouraging a new form of violence on a scale like never before. ("War Anthem")

This couldn't go on forever, and you know how this story ends. One man is found to be worthy of saving and is instructed to build an ark for his family and a pair of all the animals of the earth. ("One Man") The people of the earth and their angelic teachers knew what was coming. Yet they defiantly chose to ignore the warnings. ("Heaven Can Wait") They were destroyed in a flood the likes of which no one could truly imagine. ("And The Waters Prevailed")

With "Rainbow's End" our story concludes, lamenting the loss of the "gods" who inspired so many stories and myths all over the world. You know what, though... they knew what they were doing and they knew the consequences. If they had it to do all over again... they would! For they, like Rock and Roll itself, are "Unrepentant" forever.

For more information on the books of "Enoch" and "Secrets Of Enoch," including links to the books themselves, visit The Reluctant Messenger.

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