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The CD The Godless, The Godforsaken and the God Damned is now available.


Repeated exposure to politically incorrect, insensitive, and undiluted truths may lead to clear and rational thinking...


Listen to "Catspaw" on the Music page. Celebrities get their due justice for using their fame as a platform to meddle in your lives.

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"Social Justice is the process whereby moral cowards combine their collective weaknesses to take, by force of numbers, that which their ideas could not earn individually by merit." -Sidney Allen Johnson

The Godless, the Godforsaken and the God Damned

What happens when time-tested absolute truths are abolished in favor of a fabricated and more malleable "evolution" of the truth?

You get the world we have today! A world where lies and the liars who shill them are exalted as reality is banished and excoriated by popular consent. It is the world of The Godless, the Godforsaken and the God Damned, Babylon Mystery Orchestra's fifth release.

Track Listing

Benai Elohim (Semjaza's Return)
A Constitutional Right?
Jesus Save...
Hate Crime
Viva Cristo Rey!
We Is Killin' Me
You're On Your Own... This Time
The Twelfth Imam


Exposure to politically incorrect, insensitive, and undiluted truths may lead to clear and rational thinking.

Sidney Allen Johnson takes a clear-eyed view of a world that worships hallucinations of its own making and imparts his chastisement abundantly. What arrogance does it take for those who bask in exorbitant wealth and prosperity to use their celebrity as a platform to coerce others into "sacrificing" for their version of a greater good? Whose message is coming out of their mouths? Their own? Or is it the message of those whose money made them superstars? "Catspaw" is a scythe that harvests their arrogance and feeds it back to them.

Doesn't everyone love a good lie? Of course one lie leads to the next until an inevitable web of distortion ensnares the liar, trapping him into an illusion of his own making. Such is the story of NASA, who themselves fabricated the lie that the "Apollo" moon missions were faked to conceal the intentions of the mission... and what they found! And what did they find? Proof of extra-terrestrial visitations from other planets? Or proof of extra-terrestrial life from the earth that Noah left behind? Will you fall victim to the lies of the "Benai Elohim" when they return? Choose your lies well.... You may not live to regret them.

Does all human life have value? Is the choice to destroy human life really "A Constitutional Right"? Of course it is! Just listen to the words of our favorite fallen angel as he challenges heaven: "Jesus Save" the innocent... or "Jesus Save" me!

Aristotle once said the worst form of inequality is to make unequal things equal. Using inequality to fabricate equality will lead to political correctness and the devastating world of the "Hate Crime." Believing the lies of moral relevance and false equality is a sure path to the manipulative "Ruin" of Social Darwinism. Such people always want to reform things. One such criminal was Ernesto Che Guevara, a hero to collectivists who would have us, like Che's victims, scream "Viva Cristo Rey!" just before we were reformed by the firing squad. As we wind down that collectivist path, we are told we must sacrifice our individual freedoms in favor of the greater good. This they call progress, but people who cherish their liberty recognize that when collectivists use the word "we," "We Is Killin' Me"

How did we get to this place where freedom is considered an impediment to progress and lies are honored as truth? You cast the pearls of God's wisdom before the swine of a false doctrine of "evolution" and progress. The "Godless" will get their reward as God grants them that which they have asked... "You're on Your Own... This Time."

We close our presentation with the story of "The Twelfth Imam," an "Antichrist Superczar" for Islam... unfortunately a dangerous preoccupation for one of the most dangerous leaders in the world today!

As always with Babylon Mystery Orchestra, you can expect quality in packaging to be an integral part of the presentation. The Godless, the Godforsaken and the God Damned comes with an extravagant 32 page booklet packed with the lyrics, text, and commentary that make a Babylon Mystery Orchestra recording a truly unique artistic presentation!

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