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The latest CD "POINIUM CHEREM" is now available.


Contains rampant, insensitive, and gravely offensive constitutionally protected language.


Check the Music page to hear "Devilution," a devoted creationist's satirical rebuke of evolution.

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"For the introduction of a new kind of music must be shunned as imperiling the whole state; since styles of music are never disturbed without affecting the most important political institutions." -Plato

Poinium Cherem

In AD 79, during the final days of Pompeii, a baker, believed to be a Christian, carved into the wall of his home the words POINIUM CHEREM. These words have stood for 2000 years as the final words of that dying civilization. These are words ripe with symbolism. . . and judgement.

Now, in the year 2012, Babylon Mystery Orchestra reaches back through history to reclaim these same words as a last warning to another dying civilization. . . . Do you dare to hear them?

Track Listing

Chorale...What Should Not Be
The Affliction
I Am An Artist
Another Path
A Prophet's Song
We Write The Words
Poinium Cherem
Finale...What Could Not Be

From the CD's opening track, "Chorale...What Should Not Be," it is made clear this is a record with a specific message to a specific people. But just as the answer to Daniel's prayer was attacked and delayed by the Angelic Principality that rules over Persia, so too is this world ruled by a Satanic overseer, a genuine "Destroyer," who is anything but disinterested in those who would dare contend his rule. Yet there are always those who hear the call. Like Jonah before them, they know the world they inhabit deserves destruction but "The Affliction" consumes them. Their God demands they speak his words... and speak they do.

No good deed goes unpunished, and as surely as an ambassador of God presents himself to the inhabitants of the doomed civilization, he is sought out, found, and exposed as an enemy of all mankind to be duly persecuted by one and all... "Apollyon." And yet, in spite of it all, such ambassadors of faith always find the strength...

...To accuse and call out of the greatest of liars: an intellectually impoverished fiend who claims to speak truth to power every time he says "I Am An Artist."

...To defy those who say there is no God and the world is as it has always been. Hocus Pocus Hokum! to the Big Bang Theory and... "Devilution."

...To reject the multi-culturalist lie that there are many gods and many ways to Heaven. All are not equal, especially when you try to swindle science to produce magick... "Another Path."

...But of course all pales before those who believe their "will" has triumphed over nature itself, the pursuit of vile affections by a wickedness that defines freedom through the "defilement" of the human body. No... no one is "born this way." But if you dare speak such truths (and you must), you will find the practitioners of this evil and their "tolerant" enablers to be "Seething" with hate... a hatred for their only way out of their doomed lifestyle.

To those who do have the courage to speak the truth in a world hostile to it we dedicate... "A Prophet's Song." But will anyone listen? In Jonah's time, his words of warning were heeded, and Nineveh was spared. About 150 years later, the same city met a different fate when the warning of Nahum was not heeded. Eventually wickedness grows to the point that an evil people believe "We Write The Words."

And with the rejection of God's word comes "Poinium Cherem": punishment, destruction. When the ruins of Pompeii were excavated, archaeologists found those words carved into the wall of a house owned by a baker. The symbols on his house have led archaeologists to believe that his is one of the earliest examples of Christianity outside of the Middle East. It is believed that he carved those words into the wall just before the final incineration of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It appears he believed that Pompeii was getting what it deserved for being such a "promiscuous" city.

Jesus once asked, "When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" Faith was found in the ruins of Pompeii. Will it be found in the ruins of The United States of America? You have been warned.... Your blood is on your hands.

As always with Babylon Mystery Orchestra, you can expect quality in packaging to be an integral part of the presentation. POINIUM CHEREM comes with an astounding 32 page booklet packed with the lyrics, text, and commentary you have come to expect from Babylon Mystery Orchestra!

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